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Communication for Career Happiness

Article & Podcast Series on Best Practices for Communicating in the Workplace
created by the Maastricht University PREMIUM Honours students Deidree Tjokrosetio, Laura Winkens, Morris Ameyaw Yiadom, and Sofie Schuller

Introduction to the Series

Whether you are just starting out in the job market or you have been working for years, finding happiness in your job is a key element for a fulfilling working life. While this happiness sometimes comes naturally, it could also be a process that takes a lot of effort, especially if you are not really sure how to work on this. In order to guide you with this, students of Maastricht University’s PREMIUM Honours Programme teamed up with happy2learn to provide you with podcasts and blog articles on exactly this matter. Covering both practical and theoretical perspectives, these outlets will give you some ready-to-use tips, as well as the dos and don’ts in various areas of workplace interactions. We present you an introduction to career happiness of young professionals as well as guides to assertive communication, negotiation, and conflict communication.

You can jump into the articles below:


How does communication help you with your career happiness?

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Assertive Communication
Moving forward, developing, and growing in your job – How assertive communication can help to get you what you want

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To the Podcast with Sibren Fetter

The art of negotiation – A high stakes balancing act between social relations, needed benefits, and financial means

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To the Podcast with Bibi Linssen

Conflict Communication
Nobody likes conflict – Let’s help you resolve conflicts more easily

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To the Podcast with Phillis Fajardo

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